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Repairing Goretex bonded seams on Jackets

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PostPosted: 10:03 - 23 Feb 2021    Post subject: Repairing Goretex bonded seams on Jackets Reply with quote

I still buy old barely used Hein Gericke Goretex jackets and trousers which haven't been made for some 10-15 years but they tend to be very high quality.
With the price of new Goretex clothing having gone through the roof since they closed in the UK, top of the range Rukka is now in the region of £2000 but you can pick up barely used Hein Gericke Pro-Shell top of the range gear, top and bottoms for £150-£300.

As an example I've just picked up an almost new Hein Gericke Daylight Cruise Performance shell jacket for £87, it really is cheaper than cheaper gear.

One of the problems with Goretex Performance shell jackets is the liner was often bonded into the main jacket at the front zip point and 15 year old glue often fails. It doesn't make the jacket any less waterproof you just have a liner that isn't fixed in place at the front.

I've not been able to find out what the original glue used to bond the liner was, I'm pretty sure its a heat activated glue but I did find a glue called Seam Grip+WP which is used for repairing tents and the manufacturers recommend it for repairing waterproof materials including Goretex. Not the cheapest at £9 for a 28gram tube but worth a try.

To do the repair you will need to clamp the seam you are gluing to a work top so it can be held flat under a slight tension, if you can use spreader plates to spread the load on the seam it will be even better as there is less chance to damage the garment.
Following the instructions spread the glue along the seam and then loosely clamp the seam together.

Don't clamp too tight as you will squeeze the glue out and leave it for 24 hours to set, The instructions recommend 12 and the glue will be mostly set after 6 but leave it longer just to be sure.

You are never going to get as tidy a repair as a factory fresh garment but with a bit of care you can get a pretty tidy finish.

Not a particularly exciting thread but this should make it easier to keep your garments just that little bit longer for minimal cost. I think it was Stinkwheel who said a while back, there is Goretex Motorcycle gear and Motorcycle gear that isn't waterproof.
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