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Sorry Guys Need To Rant

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Scooby Slapper

Joined: 07 Aug 2017
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PostPosted: 20:55 - 02 Feb 2018    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thereís plenty of jobs out there, especially within tourism and bar work etc. You can always get a temporary job and look for something decent once youíve got an income coming in. Pleasure Beach are advertising for a maintenance engineer, itís a few mins from your house and they usually give plenty of hours.
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Crazy Courier

Joined: 10 Jun 2015
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PostPosted: 00:22 - 03 Feb 2018    Post subject: Reply with quote

The thieving fuckers waited until I passed my test before stealing two of my bikes. In around a three month period.
My Burgman wasn't secured (stupid), so they wheeled it down the street to a set of off-street garages, hacked the shit out of it and left it for dead when they presumably couldn't get it started.
Sold that for spares. Bought a Pegaso. Anchored it to the floor every night. Came down one morning and the rain cover was gone. I thought someone had stolen that. However, they had pulled out all the ignition barrel and cabling and got it in a hot-wireable state before realising that it was tethered to the floor. Cost me £300 in repairs.

That bike has also gone now. I can't afford to keep buying bikes for them to vandalise. I'm now looking for a Kawasaki GPZ which should be narrow enough to fit in my back garden, and looks fairly fun to ride. A compromise, really. At any rate, it will hopefully deter the thieving little toerags if it's out of sight and you have to go through two neighbours' gardens to get away.

Edit (because I need to get it all out): Because I told the police and the insurance company that my Burgman got nicked (before I got a call from the police saying it's down the street in some garages), my insurance for my car has now gone up by £100. I didn't even claim, but there's a black mark against my name because my informed them of my bike. I can't use my bike's two years NCD on a car, but they found a way to shaft me when it's visa versa. And, apparently, it's illegal not to inform them, so they can roger you some more.

And... I'm spent.

Moral of the story: Get lots of security and make it blindingly fucking obvious to deter any opportunist tosspieces.
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Spanner Monkey

Joined: 02 Aug 2011
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PostPosted: 12:39 - 03 Feb 2018    Post subject: Reply with quote

My GPZ 500 was trashed at Hospital by toerags who ripped out the electrics and presumably must of been disturbed before hotwiring it.

The ignition lock and barrel (which was a replacement after the original burn't out whilst the bike was being ridden in a torrent of rain was found to be the build quality of play-doh.

My bike had resistance wire which burns out as an anti theft attempt but caused no end of trouble. The end result with all the damage that was done meant I decided to lay the bike up in the garage until I could afford the repairs myself and not shaft both the bike and car insurance premiums.


Before I knew it 2 years had passed as I worked off and on with the bike to get it back ready for mot and bingo the ncb entitlement had been voided, further repairs were needed which resulted in me throwing in the towel. The final straw was that I had to clear the garage for the new car so it had to go onto the drive behind the side gate and again started to run rough/break down/refuse to start and leaked petrol from the carbs, its already poor condition deteriorated very quickly and within 2 months of being outside was difficult to move so I sold it p/x scrap value for the YBR which I now have.

Wished I had claimed, had the payout for ber and not had the hassle of trying to repair it myself, for my troubles the loss of the ncb and being classed as a novice rider again due to no insurance for 2 years loaded the bike premium for the YBR well beyond what I think the claim would of done.

Good luck.

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Scooby Slapper

Joined: 02 Sep 2017
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PostPosted: 23:15 - 04 Feb 2018    Post subject: Re: Sorry Guys Need To Rant Reply with quote

alanjohnson wrote:
New member here, but following whats happened yesterday morning, i need to vent it out.

I've been riding or rather have been riding a Yamaha YBR 125, i owned it for over two years and it was perfect, having moved to Blackpool several months ago with my partner, I thought everything would be good, get my bike down there, use it to find work, save up some money when i get a job, take the theory test and jump straight on an intensive bike course and get everything sorted within a week and get a DA out the way.

I had all these plans, also had my first big bike planned as well, was hoping to go from my Yamaha 125 onto a 600 Suzuki Bandit.

But no, yesterday morning, i went downstairs all dressed up nice ready for a job interview, charged up my sat nav, and when i went down the alleyway next to my flat to get to my bike, i noticed some little c**t had stolen it, from what my neighbour described, he saw "me" on sunday night pushing my bike down the alley, start the bike up and ride off... Well i have the keys on me now, so its most likely that they either snapped the steering lock and screwed about with the ignition to get it working, or they jammed something in the keyhole to unlock it and get it started up.

Im more sad, because my mum essentially bought me the bike after she suddenly passed away.

I done all the usual stuff, rang the gestapo, i call them that as they were bloody useless on the phone, i informed them that a neighbor had a cctv camera facing the alleyway where the bike was stored, and no, apparently even with a camera facing in the direction of where the theft happened, it wasn't deemed serious enough to send an officer round to check the footage.

I'm so angry about this... Why can't we start chopping fingers off whenever stealing twat bags get caught. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

Its your fault, do you not use the XZ3000 300MM diameter naval chain with diamond coated lock and the red dragon III camera with nightvision and 4k?

But seriously, this is why you need to take all the precautions you can, even a cheap chain could have made a difference.

its a really shitty thing to have had happen.
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