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Killa's biking history *part 2*

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PostPosted: 14:58 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Killa's biking history *part 2* Reply with quote

Part 1

The poor old girl was recovered by the police about a week later, apparently it was found dumped in a field near a renowned place for stolen joy riding idiots.
She was a bit battered and bruised but not burnt out, so they suggest I come take a look and take her home.
My old man was angry, I wasnít the one dealing with the police at the time so I didnít really know what was going on, I was kept in the dark about the whole thing, I think because I was so angry/upset anyway. The plod had lied to my dad, the recovery people seem to be on a winner with the cops because the bike had been there longer than explained and they bloody knew it. A payment of around £250 got the sorry looking machine out of the garage and the repairs took place in my garage, a true father and son bodge.
This is where I found my new friends namely duct tape and cable ties. Thumbs Up

She held up well, but it felt dirty, she played up now and then, the feeling you get riding your bike that has been abused, is similar to someone eating your share of angel delight, sick. I felt like I needed a new machine, but my dad wasnít happy about the money paid into this one. So...

School was out for summer and I got myself a job at MacDonaldís, it is here I had my first experience of making and preparing food. When fully trained I think I could sort out four big Macís, including buns in around 50 seconds.
6:30am until 3pm, it was a long hard slog, the mornings werenít enjoyable, I was partying hard and getting up at 5am straight into the freezers unloading food.

The bike in question was my close friends machine, something Iíd never heard of before with my lack of knowledge of bikes, the Aprilia RX50Ö

On the ride outs this thing amazed me, it was a 2000 model, newer, faster than most, it sounded awesome.
It was twice as fast as my TS, both acceleration and top speed. The styling was superb and really made my bike look ancient.
He was asking £1100 for it, a year old, and derestricted, the bike was good for 60mph and could do more at a push. I had to test ride it.
Holy shit, and I did. I took it up a private road while he twatted about on the TS, we even race it off the mark. The power felt like nothing else Iíd experienced. With a redline of around 12000rpm, I couldnít resist.

About a month or two later, I had stayed in, worked hard, and saved up the full amount.
I took the cash to his house, and we laid out on the living room floor, he counted it up and he handed over the keys that day.
I remember the sale clearly because I had to get home pretty sharpish as I was leaving to go on holiday with the parents for a week. What a nightmare!

You do not know how good it felt getting back, opening up the garage and seeing her there on my return home. I didnít come home for hours.

The TS50 was sold to a good friend who rode it to death, literally. The thing was 10% original I think by the end of its life. Eventually it was stolen from him, they propped up against a tree and burned it out. It took out a large tree in the local park which I had to laugh at. The next day it was thrown in the lake, the handle bar was still poking out of the waterÖ RIP little bike.

Up until now I had been fine on the road, I took chances I must admit, I was young and idiotic.
Although my life was full with the sounds of drum and bass, for a brief period I was listening to heavy metal. Slipknot in particular, not for the emo styles but the fact some of these tunes were bike tunes for sure.
One damp day in December I popped my Sony walkman on under my lid and set out for school, the tune, Wait and Bleed by slipknot. IMO not the best tune to listen to at such an influential age, it makes you ride like your last day on earth.

7:45am, I took a corner before a four way junction at 45mph, really giving it some, I passed the three young girls who kinda looked up to us lads in the year above. I always passed them in the morning, the sound of my scrambler always made them look, I was feeling good that day, schools cool.
I see a white van waiting to go to the rihgt in the middle of the cross roads, I go to pass on the left...then, literally a few feet in front, an old dear pulls out in a Mondeo to have a look.

I only had time to shout out ďFUCK!Ē Before I slammed into the side of the car at no less than 40mph.

Apparently the girls said it was horrible seeing it happen, the bike slid out and smashed hard into the front wheel of the car breaking the axle. I had hit the car just as hard, I span in the air in the air and came down with a thud, I looked lifeless.
I wasnít knocked out but pretty dazed, the bike was redlining behind me, I tried to crawl up to get to the bike, but I was in a lot of pain.
The old lady was crying now, so were the girls who looked on in horror. I was offered a plank of wood as a makeshift split from a carpenter on his commute, I think he thought iíd broken something.

I donít think they could believe I was doing alright, the ambulance turned up, as did my mum, and she was hysterical. As they cut some clothes from me and checked for broken limbs, I was slyly tugging my headphones out, I didnít want anyone to see I had a walkman on during all this.
All this time however, the trusty Sony technology hadnít given up. I had just had an accident to the soundtrack of death metal, the album had now gone into a sort of dark balled part of it and I was starting to go into a sort of shock which felt mental.

My hands were sore, I had bruised my balls from the impact and my jacket had melted to my fleece.
The nurse felt my legs in the ambulance and then my balls, combine this with pure oxygen I was having, all thoughts of the bike had left me.
I was taken into A&E and a butch Asian nurse poked and prodded me, to try and determine damage. I then found out the only way to remove gravel rash from my knees, was something akin to a brillo pad, covered in iodine. Ouch.
I was out on crutches, my pride bruised. Two nights later I went out for a curry with some friends and my missus, the sympathy helped the pain a lot. Wink
Talk had gone around the school that I was in intensive care and on tubes and machines. Funny afterwards but obviously I was very lucky, or invincible Laughing

Unfortunately she was a right off due to the front end damage, parts for her were hard to come by to.
I did start her up though, kicked first time.

As the insurance went through and the lady took all the blame, I was given a courtesy bike, a little SFX50. Yes it was my first twist and go, I hated it, so much so I ragged it to within an inch of its life. At one point I tried getting my knee down and took some of the side fairings off, I later blagged to the guy when he came to pick it up it was there before. Laughing

I had turned 17 by this point, I had experienced my first flash backs, I needed to get back on the road, pronto.
I found out that at my age I could now ride 125 with L plates, with no more further training, sound Thumbs Up
My old man was on the case again, I was going to get a pay out from the old dear at some point so he said heíd buy another bike for me while I wait.
He found a bike a mate of his had stored in a garage. A 1988 scrambler apparently(I loved the older bikes).
Enter the badest bike by a long shot at 17, the Suzuki TS125X.

When I saw it she didnít look much, ugly indicators, rank colour (that old sun bleached Suzuki yellow). Then he started her up, knowing a little more about bikes now, I knew this sounded sweet, deep, quiet and smooth.
He told me to take her for a ride around the block, I had those butterflies again, but this was a TS, I can handle this!
About half a mile down the road I came to some speed bumps, I enjoyed the long travel of the shocks and the grunt when pulling off. The clutch was very stiff on this one, I had trouble with it but it just made me want to tame it.
On the way back I thought Iíd be a bit naughty and give it some beans, HA, the clutch came out too fast for my little hands and the front came up like a forklift. I set her back down and pushed the turtle head back in before pulling up and taking her home.

Fun though she was, she was a bit ugly, I decided to do some DIY cosmetic modís.
The indicators were first, as large as a small sun they took ages to light up and I found out, were not needed for the MOT. Wink
The colour had change, I didnít like yellow much, it was showing its age. A trip to Halfolds and a few quid later, I was sorted, primer, paint and wet and dry.
The idea was to make it look bad ass, Iíd never attempted anything like this before, I jumped straight in and did it (before Youtube)

I had finished the bad boy machine with a rather fetching CR125 exhaust I found at a scrap yard, I basically just drilled it into the grab rail on the back and bodged some sort of clip on the section to hold it in place. It sounded good, very good.

Everyone wanted this bike, sadly a little too much. One night it was locked up down the side of my girlfriends parents house, with only a chain and padlock, even though she lived down a private road, some thieving twats knew I was down there and took her. Crying or Very sad Thumbs Down
I remember the red mist, the anger again. This time no sinking feeling, just a golf club and a whole lot of ground to cover before I thought about bedtime. Evil or Very Mad Middle Finger

Two weeks laterÖ

Absolutely abused, I wonít go into detail but basically the cops lied to me, again. They found the guys on it, apparently to young to prosecute, I know the cops knew these kids, they werenít stupid. The gang had chiselled off the serial numbers and changed a rear hub, I knew they were messing me about.

That was a great machine, sorely missed.

Thanks for reading part 2Ö.

Part 3
Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.
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PostPosted: 17:02 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent mate - onto read the rest Karma
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MRX Steve
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PostPosted: 19:08 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another good read, now to read the third one
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PostPosted: 22:52 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

tht was good 2 now 2 read the rest!
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PostPosted: 23:45 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

that was anouther good read onto the next one Very Happy
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