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250 tour washout

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PostPosted: 15:19 - 07 Oct 2020    Post subject: 250 tour washout Reply with quote

Well, Friday , myself and three friends set off for Ludlow as a springboard into Wales.
The rain was so fierce, it made seeing where you were going difficult.
The plan was to avoid motorways and see the country, that didnít work out very well .
The bikes were a mix .
Hyosung GT 250r
Yamaha YBR 250
Honda CRF 250
Yamaha SR 250.

We hadnít even got to Shropshire and the chain snapped on the Yamaha SR 250 !
The chain was a mess and we suspected that it had eaten a hole in the engine, as we found oil on the road, swinging arm and so on.
Bike 1 was now going to be recovered and sent back home.
Luckily mateyís recovery package included a hire car Thumbs Up

Once he was sorted out we pressed on.
30 miles up the road in the cold and rain and itís time for Matey on the YBR 250 to lose the front end going into a roundabout Shocked .
Right in front of a lorry Shocked , a brown trouser moment for all for a short while!
One broken brake lever, one broken bulb, many scratches, scuffed heat shield, torn waterproofs and a few sore ribs was the tally.
We picked him up and straightened him out, he was able to continue at a slower pace.
We got to the Travel-Lodge and dried out the best we could.

Saturday: none of us fancied riding in the torrent of rain , so we locked the bikes together and headed into Hereford.
We found a helpful bike dealer (independent) who was able to match the YBR lever.
We the went back to our Travel-Lodge and strolled over to the pub (The Squirrel) for a good few sherbets and scoff.

Sunday: still raining heavily, so all in the hire car and off to the RAF museum at Cossaford?
Pepperami was very impressed with the museum but disappointed when they wouldnít let me bring a plane home Evil or Very Mad
After that matey with the Honda CRF decided to take us where he did a two day trials competition a couple of years ago.
Not for the faint hearted and fooging scary in a car Shocked Laughing .

Monday: Pepperami leaves early and it rains all the way from Ludlow to Bury-St-Edmunds.
There wasnít a bit of me that wasnít wet.
The Hyosung GT250r never missed a beat, even though we didnít ride half as much as we wanted.
I did learn that although my Black-Widow exhaust system sounds awesome, itís a bit to loud for prolonged riding and Iím going to get a quieter back box.

Not the greatest write up of a disastrous mini tour I know.
It was actually to wet and cold to keep taking pictures, so only a few.
We had a good laugh and vowed to return next and actually ride!
All the way to Ludlow , only to drive about in a hire car Laughing
Just thought Iíd share Thumbs Up Eh?

EDIT: A very kind soul on this very forum gave me a sat-nav free of charge a while back.
I wired it up to my bike for this weekend and it saved our souls when we got lost.
It carried on working, even in the rain Surprised .
You know who you are , many thanks Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
I am the sum total of my own existence, what went before makes me who I am now!

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PostPosted: 15:30 - 07 Oct 2020    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brave souls - well done. There's not much that's more miserable than riding in torrential rain.
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PostPosted: 15:00 - 16 Oct 2020    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah, shame but at least you got out and did something.. I'm sure there was some fun to had in there somewhere... great post... and gave me an insight to the possiblility of getting wet on a long run.

Scary lorry moment .. Egads.

I've been really lucky so far, with only getting wet on my commute to work.

Thanks for sharing. Thumbs Up
History teaches us that history doesn't teach us.
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PostPosted: 12:13 - 19 Oct 2020    Post subject: Reply with quote

sounds fun bar the rain
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