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Killa's biking history *Part 3*

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PostPosted: 15:54 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Killa's biking history *Part 3* Reply with quote

Part 1
Part 2

It was apparent to me now that off roaders were what scum wanted, they just rallied them around fields and destroyed people’s rides for a little fun.
So, I decided to look for a sports bike, something not that desirable but quick and easy to maintain.
I had some money now from the accident, I used that and some money from working (now at a new job).
I looked in the local paper and saw a small advertisement for a well looked after TZR125, street fighter. Thinking

I was quite stunned when I saw it, the bike had been maintained by a mechanic who just enjoyed doing it up. It looked mental.
It was polished and slightly tuned, bigger jets, K&N filter, custom snake like paint job made with fishnet stockings, custom headlight unit and I think it had stronger clutch plates.
It was fast, loud too. I had a quick spin around the block and fell for it in a big way, again a faster bike than the last, why not Laughing

Police grew to love that bike…not…they actually went out of their way to catch me out…by now I had three points from only having one L plate on the TS.
This is the bike that gain me another 9 points, it was a bit silly.
What’s even funnier now I look back, the bike blew rings and needed a new piston kit, I had it to maximum bore this time. As with anything that you modify to the limit, shit happens, and this bike caused me a lot of grief. The electrics fucked up in the end, the tyres needed changing, it had leaks where ever it wanted leaks, in the end my dad told me to get rid of it.

During which time I bought two bikes….ha ha…well, I bought one bike from some lad at work for £50. A 1988 RG125 Gamma, painted in what seemed to be white emulsion paint. It coughed and spluttered all the way to 85mph and then died. It died forever. Then I owned an RD125, of similar condition, which I didn’t really need to mention…Sick

So along came my first ever bank loan! Dance!
I fell in love with her as soon as I saw it, I thought to myself, its reliable, cheap enough to run, and I can afford the re-payments.
The awesome, iconic Yammy that is…
The 2004 Yamaha DTR125R

Looks sexy doesn’t it?
Well I enjoyed every minute of this bike, and it really is one of the best road enduro’s you could buy.
A new lid, new kit, new bike, this was what it was all about. After I’d say 4000 miles on this baby, she was taken from my (new) girlfriends garden one night when we went out, she was locked up with what I deem now as pointless security measures. You need something a lot bigger and durable.
This is the last time a bike is stolen from me, never again, I’m making sure of it. To make matters worse I had the bike under third party insurance only because I was struggling for money and they were making things difficult.

I was stressed out, angry at biking, angry at the people who could do this, I mean I know things are stolen all over the place but you can only do so much with the time and money you have.
I sold the TZR as a working model, along with some other wheeling and dealing I finally came up with a grand, I saw what I wanted, every sign pointed to NO. But I’m a sucker for sexy Italian things.

My attitude to a bad situation is never in favour of saving time, money or dignity, I just bloody do it, no messing about. Laughing

A full on 200+ round trip to Kent from Cheltenham had me a Evolution 7 speed Mito, she was from Italy, registered over here and was well known around the area for being loud, and fast.
Indeed she was fast, topped out at around 90mph but it was all about the acceleration. It did sound awful really, very loud, even with a lid on, but without a lid, a nightmare.
It did turn heads, it did do what a Mito was meant to do, including piss off the locals.
In the end I realised the little Italian guy who sold it to me had little or no knowledge about MOT’s, servicing etc. The novelty wore off fast and I was often bodging bits back on with my old friends duct tape and cable ties.

She was bought by a member on here, called Harley, he is a complete nutter from Staines by the way who must have really wanted the bike. He travelled about 92 miles in -4 degree’s, apparently stopped 4 times on the way back, I think he thought he was dying or something Laughing

I needed something to bridge the gap between here and for when I pass my full licence, which I planned to do within a few months.
Even though it was asking for trouble, I could only afford a cheap machine, it needed to be reliable, didn’t have to be too pretty but also couldn’t be boring.

I spotted a TS125, this time the R model, with the power valve.

Again in that awful plastic faded Suzuki yellow, but she was going cheap and had been stored for some time, not used a great deal.
Let’s sort this out

Quicker than any Mito, it was blisteringly fast to about 70mph.
I loved it, I had almost created a replica of that TS125X I loved a few years back. Cool Thumbs Up

Part 4
Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.
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PostPosted: 17:06 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent mate - onto read the rest Karma
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PostPosted: 19:16 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

You have been more than unlucky with your bikes getting nicked Shocked on to part 4
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PostPosted: 22:59 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

on 2 part 4
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PostPosted: 23:49 - 04 Jul 2006    Post subject: Reply with quote

on to part 4 Very Happy
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